Danish riders in Suf workouts?

My friend is new to the joys of indoor training, but is driving me mad by noodling around on zwift without any real purpose. I’m trying to recruit him to the structured training path of truth and justice (Suf), and think I can hook him in by getting him on the free trial and directing him to a workout featuring any Danish rider, as he’s a keen follower of road racing. I can’t immediately think of any, but feel there must be some Danes in there somewhere!! Anyone able to point some out? :face_with_monocle::denmark:

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Moon rider… 1hr 23 mins

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I think Asgreen is in 14 Vise Grips…

Thanks! Though I’m wanting my friend to get some decent intervals in so one of the sufferfest vids rather than the Inspiration ones are more likely to hook them in!

Ooh! I love Vise Grips (and hate it…)! I’ll have a look, thanks!

Long scream follows the UCI TT Championship in København (at least I
that’s where I thought it was when I looked up from my stem….)

Man, don’t show them Moon Rider! Depressing as $&@%. :wink:

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what about any of the Norway rides? They’re all the same, right?

(I’m TOTALLY kidding!)


Doesn’t tour of Norway 2 use a young danish riders vision??

Just tell them there’s a Danish rider in the last few minutes of Kitchen Sink, that will get him used to the sense of humour in the videos…


well played.

Attacker. final climb. Mur de Huy finihs Alaphilippe vs Fuglsang.
14 vise grips also has Valgren


Can I just say that I am Scottish.
Is there any Scottish rides out there just incase I need to be inspired when I’m feeling low…
I do have some Viking in my blood so I could be Danish…

that’s just any ride but with beer. (or whiskey if that’s your preference).



Just drink wine now. Educated Viking/Scotsman