Specific workouts that put me in the action?

Having a tough time here. I keep finding workouts that have me ‘looking’ at the action from cars, motorcycles, pedestrians. All too often the workout requirements don’t match the video from a speed/performance aspect.

Specifically, if you know of any, which workouts include videos captured from the bike rider’s chest/helmet perspective, and which videos best keep the perspective in the mode vs. a spectator of a race? I’m having a really tough time staying interested. I’m thinking of having Sufferfest working the training, but of minimizing it (if it works that way) to perhaps watch proper cyclist-perspective videos - which is a shame.

Thank you.

Team Scream is my favourite.

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Norway, the Chores, even open 40 and Hong Kong Criterium.
The newer videos tend to have way more on bike footage as it is available nowadays. Have fun


The Rookie, TBTITW, Joyride


Thank you, all! I look forward to trying each one of them out.

GCN got it, from the one training I did of theirs. It was an interesting mix of two of them indoors (Hank and Emma), and apparently Chris Opie bike-centered footage where he was climbing for the ‘recovery’ parts, and sprint-climbing for the effort-parts. It was refreshing to at least have that.

For the money we all agreed to pay, I would hope that bike-centered (chest camera, perhaps, ideally) would be coming fast and furious.

I would even be OK with a number of the current workouts having two flavors - as originally edited, and then a new version of the same workouts with race / workout footage that best matches the pace, perspective, etc. of what we’re expected to be doing on our trainers. For any long-term SF subscribers, this might be a welcome change to the workouts they’ve built themselves on.

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Going to do the the list, perhaps in order.

Did Team Scream this evening - wow. 10 out of 10 visuals, 10 / 10 music.

Thank you.


never be shy to ask :slight_smile:

Righto - just did Norway. It was good.

Not sure if I have a setting that is off, but Norway didn’t hold me to any cadence, so it was sorta like cheating (allowing me to average 100 RPM, and that’s with ~88 RPM warm-up for the first six minutes, and final-two-minutes cool down).

Yes. Since Norway is a racing sim, there are no cadence targets. You get to ride the cadence that feels good to you. I enjoyed that part of Norway.


Thank you - I’ll mark it as an open-cadence design, and remember that for days that I just want to spin.