Diet/weight loss

Looking to create a thread specifically about diet, and tips with respect to weight loss.

The key being, burning fat and maintaining muscle tissue in the off season.

Diet, Macros, caloric deficit %, and any legal supps people are using.



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Do a reasonable amount of lower intensity riding where body can just burn fat (rather than always HIIT where the body will work demand fast fuel)

(Obvs both burn calories)

If one’s calculated calorific intake is say 1750, then drop to 1600 for a month. My view is that to enable continued training if any sort, exercise needs taken in to account to a degree.

There are no supplements that help one lose weight really. Caffeine and a a few things allegedly raise ‘metabolism’ - usually called Thermo supplements. Use at one’s own leisure I’d say - you get so called appetite suppressants as well but again it dep on the person as some eating is habitual/stress rather than appetite. Eat less than you need by a sensible percentage as a habit and bingo.

Diet - vegetables need to be in there for the range of vitamins and fibre and so on . Other wise just a normal diet.

Macros. This is less relevant than calories in/out. It’s more that some people achieve results using different macros because that’s the foods that psychologically makes it easier to restrict calories but ultimately that’s still just down to calories in/calories out

Note: I’m not a nutritionist/ qualified in any way.

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As an oldie who should be on a downward spiral as regards muscle mass I take Creatine Monohydrate and Beta Alanine each day and Citrulline Malate just before a hard workout. The effect is noticeable in my legs as there is definitely an increase in muscle mass there. I have been doing this regularly now for about 6 months. I try to maintain 61kgs but have gone up 3 kg’s over the Christmas period as we are still eating all the naughty stuff we always buy too much of each year. Simple really eat less calories than you burn, eat less on rest or easy days and more on workout days and remember exercise is the cherry on top when you want to loose weight 80% of weight loss is down to a good diet. Fat is what you want to loose and a increase in muscle mass may see you a few kilo’s heavier but you will look leaner


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