Distance and speed discrepancy

Hi all,

I have a wahoo element mini and blue sc monitor attached to my bike.
My query is that my speed and distance on the mini
( 20.02 km & 30.6 km/h) differ to what system measures (17.02 km &25.3km/h) whilst doing the open 40min ride.

Any suggestions to get them to agree with each other.
Thanks in advance.

I think this would be incredibly difficult to do because they are based on different things.

The sensors are going to be recording wheel speed (I presume you use a wheel-on trainer) against resistance.
SYSTM is a bit more complex in that it takes your weight and size into account and “assumes” a default seated position on the bike to create a “realistic” speed with wind resistance as well as wheel resistance factored in.

You can go with either, but for me I find that SYSTM’s guesstimates tally fairly well with my power-meter monitored outdoor rides, so if you want accurate then that is probably closer.

There isn’t really a way to make them tally, though, because SYSTM is pretending you’re riding outdoors and your sensors are measuring a wheel-speed that isn’t affected by air resistance on your body.


i think there is a check box in settings to use systm speed or your sensor speed? but your sensor will have to transmit to your device, so either bluetooth or you will need an ant+ dongle i believe?

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for the explanation.
Hadn’t really thought of it like that.

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I guess I’ll just mention that speed and distance on a trainer are irrelevant. Power, heart rate, RPE and cadence are the only consequential parameters. Speed and distance are imaginary, fake, faux, and of no consequence.

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Will have a look round for that

This vaguely reminds me of my Ancient Greek philosophy class 40 years ago.