Distance syncs different

Why does the distance on the workout when you are finished not transfer the same. For example today I finished with 30.5km but only 29.87 saved. Not a big deal just curious.

Do you mean when you have synced or transferred the workout to another platform like Strava or TrainingPeaks?

I have never noticed that a distance calculated in SYSTM doesn’t save the same distance within SYSTM but it could be that other platforms have their own distance algorithms based on power and elevation that could result in a distance difference across platforms.

No just what saves onto SYSTM is different. On my screen yesterday before I finished it was 30.5km but in the SYSTM app only 29.86km saved. It does this almost every work.

Ok. I’ve never seen that.

Are you using Suf Speed or an external speed sensor?

I have a Garmin speed and cadence sensor on my bike.

If I understand what you’ve said: that’s why. SYSTM has its own speed and distance calculator based on power output. There are various ways to set that up depending on what trainer you are using and the mode (erg v level). But there is little reason to think it will match Garmin’s calculation using a cadence sensor unless you only use level mode (or don’t have a smart trainer). If you do use level mode, then you can try to make them match more closely by making sure you have the wheel dimensions matched up. Otherwise, it seems a coincidence that they are close at all.

Ok, don’t have a smart trainer, and have set it up with correct wheel size. I won’t worry about it then.

Thank you

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