Does cadence matter when testing?

I’ve recently returned to Sufferlandria after a spell away (I’m living being back), and have completed a Half Monty to get me going on a fitness builder plan. The HM ramps are meant to be done at 90 rpm but I’ve always done better in power tests at higher cadences, typically between 100 and 110. I understand that sticking to the prescribed cadence is very important when training, but does it matter when testing?

Hi Ben, welcome back. I ride whatever cadence feels right when testing. I find high cadence at low power less efficient for the same heart rate. So I start slow and build cadence as I go up the ramp. Last time I did the constrained effort in HM at 90 rpm it underestimated my FTP by 10%.

Thanks. That makes sense to me. I feel like I could have squeezed a bit more out towards the end of the ramp test if I’d have upped my cadence. Still, I’ve got another HM coming up in early January so won’t have to wait too long for another attempt. Cheers.

I also ignore the cadence targets during the HM and FF tests, and just ride the cadence that feels right. I’m usually in the 100-105 range for the ramp, 5 minute, and 20 minute test. And something like 110+ for the 1 minute test.

In normal training sessions, I’ll try to follow the cadence targets as closely as I can.

Where are you seeing this? There are no cadence targets on screen during the ramp test (unless my eyes are not seeing things) and I don’t recall reading any specific guidance. I do actually tend to do it at about 90rpm myself so just asking out of interest.