Lower cadence in FF?

In advance of FF this weekend, quick bit of advice on cadence.

I’m finding that at a cadence of 80rpm I can sustain the same power for longer than at higher cadences: e.g on Defender I found the 1st, 2nd and 4th threshold efforts at 80rpm relatively unchallenging but the 3rd effort at 100rpm much harder. Is it OK to complete the 20 min FTP block in FF at a lower cadence such as 80rpm or will that lead to skewed results?

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@Bernie Check out this article from the coaches on the subject of cadence and I believe there is also a link in the article on FF cadence recommendations.

Best of luck on FF!


The cadence targets in full frontal are just suggestions. IMO, do what you have to do to put out the most power.


I’m the opposite. Only thing my experience has taught me is to keep your best cadence for the twenty minute interval. This means going a bit quicker for the five minute one before. You get a slightly reduced five minute score but it makes a big difference to the 20 minute interval.

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Thank you folks. That was fairly much the concluson I was coming to in so much as: pick your own best cadence for FF and hit the five minute faster than the 20.
Cheers, Bernie

That’s a really useful article, explains the science very clearly.

Why do you get a slightly reduced 5 minute “score” with a higher cadence?

Or do you mean that this affects you ?

Nope. There’s shed loads of evidence that moving outside people’s optimum cadence has a negative effect. Nothing todo with me personally.

Ok. I meant you as in specific rather than you in general, i.e. that particular person may get a reduced MAP when at higher cadences.