Downloaded vids

Where the heck do the downloaded vids go on a MacBook? I checked in download folder not there?



@montgoma I imagine they stay within the app since they need the app to actually work.

Makes total sense. You know it is just a built in reaction to think ok download>download folder😂


~username\Library\Application Support\SYSTEM\videos

Keep in mind they are encrypted and have really weird names. If you were thinking of placing them elsewhere, MACOSX/11 makes this very difficult but not impossible. You will have to look for how to do this on YouTube. Be aware that this is NOT supported, as of yet.

To get the vids to an external drive you just move app to the drive right?


Also a warning: if you delete them from this folder, SYSTM isn’t smart enough to realise they’re not there anymore, and you’ll just get a black screen if you do the session again

I think the idea is to move them to an external drive due to capacity limitations. For instance, I have a 256MB internal SDD drive. However, I can connect a 1TB external drive and have a great deal of space to put the videos in. As I stated, I tried to symlink the videos drive and it didn’t work. I couldn’t get the program to recognize the drive and run them.