Downloaded videos and available storage

So done my due diligence, but not seeing this question asked yet in relation to the new SYSTM software: how do we delete videos?

I typically download all of the week’s videos when I review my calendar on Sunday, but w/o Passport available to filter only for videos I’ve downloaded, I’m not seeing how to go back and remove them from my tablet.

When I go back into the video that I did last week, I’m not seeing any remove option.

Thanks for any response!

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I WAS able to go back and pull the videos I did last week from the library and delete there, but having to manually search for videos in the library to remove them from memory seems cumbersome.

Just guessing but what happens if you try to click on the “tick” that shows the video has been downloaded?

Yeah, I found that, but the issue is that option is only accessible by manually browsing in the video library. You can’t delete it via the calendar, there’s no Passport function yet, and the library filters don’t include “downloaded” as a sort function like in SUFF. So you have to manually search out each video you’ve done in the library and delete it. Just awkward.

I’m sure the functionality would return, but was wondering if I was missing a best-practice for how to do it.



Yes, I miss the filter option for downloaded videos.

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Not checked with the new app, but did delete the downloaded videos from the old app (which don’t get deleted automatically when you uninstall)… They’re in C:\Users<my user name>\AppData\Roaming\The Sufferfest (or something like that - having deleted the folder it’s no longer on my machine :slight_smile: )

I assume the new videos are in a similar folder, presumably called Systm.

A decent enough fix in windows or macos, not so much in a mobile environment. :grimacing:

A fair point!

On Android you can clear app data from the storage page in the settings.

A decent enough fix in windows, macos, and android, not so much in an iOS environment.

(fixed it) :wink: