Duplication of sessions in Passport

Ok, so this is my first post although I have made quite a few comments on other posts :grin: - my App is acting strange, now this is not a new thing, this has been going on for over a year now (but I chose to ignore it).

Here’s what it does:
Every time I log a spinning session (mostly spinning - not so much the yoga and strength) I would get a duplicate in my passport :thinking: - Now as mentioned before, I mostly ignored this as it did not do anything other than clog my passport and show way more spinning sessions than I’ve actually completed :grin:

Here’s a screenshot of what my passport looks like:

I have logged a query with the Minions as well but I was just wondering if I am the only one who’s experienced this?

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I get that from time to time as well, so we’ll done on logging it Robert @Sir_RobW


Yes - I see that from time to time too. You can delete the duplicates. It seems to be that they happen when perhaps my WiFi connection might not be great or I don’t save the workout within a few minutes after completing and something times out but that is just a theory.