Windows App Passport Activities page

Hello, SUF Team.

I’ve seen several users post their Passport Activities page several times, and they get a “summary” page with their details, amount of completed workouts, and several other interesting things. In Windows (7 and 10), going to the Activities page automatically shows the first activity from the list, even if I haven’t clicked on it yet.

Any chance we can get that? Am I looking for it in the wrong place? I think I’ve gone through every option and haven’t been able to find it.


Edit: Including partial picture.


Hey Sir @Renzo, you are going to Passport>Activities in the app and seeing this on Windows? Which version of the app are you using currently?

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Hello, Sir @Cody.Moore.

The picture I attached in the original post is what I’d like to see, which I believe is something people on Apple devices get. That was just a capture from a FB post by Sir Nathan.

I can’t see anything like that in Windows. I’m using App V6.13.0.


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Ohhh, okay, sorry I missed that the photo you posted wasn’t yours. I was mixed up, sorry about that! That’s actually the older passport view. It still lives on in the iOS app.

You should be able to find all of that information in the passport section of the app, it’s just laid out a bit differently.

  • Your details are in Profile
  • Completed workouts and how many times you have done them are in Records (scroll down)

We are missing the total number of activities though…


No problem, Sir @Cody.Moore.

Thanks. My request is mainly presented because I like the layout of that summary and I’m very interested in how many SUF workouts I’ve completed since I started.

Hopefully it’s something that can be reincorporated everywhere at some point :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!