Favourite Sessions?

Not so much a question of what’s your favourite SF session, but is there a way to “Favourite” a session so you don’t have to search through the list to find the one you’re looking for?

No there isn’t unfortunately

Not what you asked for, but fine enough to find a session within 2 seconds

That’s handy @Mowag but I usually forget the name of the session I wanted to do :rofl:

I make sure that my favorite sessions are downloaded, so I can just search through the downloaded list.

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That should work. I never realised there was a downloaded list.

Not really related but is there a way of comparing the same workout? It tells you how many times you’ve done it but it would be nice to compare so you can see your progress, or lack of.

I believe the closest you can get to that is to search for it in your Passport ride history (assuming you leave the video name in the title). Then they’ll all be in a list where you can see some very top level data or flick between them

But no actual way to tabulate or graph the different efforts.