Eating to Suffer

Hi guys,

4 months sufferlandrian here, new to the forum.
I was reading into nutrition and supplements on the forum and saw some references to the ultimate food guide “Eating to Suffer”.
Can’t seem to find this anywhere. The links provided just go to the blogs mainpage.
Can someone help me out? Thx a bunch.

Btw, tomorrow i got my second FF test, wish me some bleeding eyes :dizzy_face:




Oh, and where are my manners?! Welcome to the forums @Matthias_Boucherie and of course for your next FF:

I’ve recently been given the book The Cycling Chef by Alan Murchison, and also watched his video on GCN+. I’ve realised how light I have been on protein intake and should really be thinking of taking a little carbs during intense 1 hour sessions. It’s never really occurs to mento do that previously as I train in the evenings so have eaten recently so I’m never sure it’s 100% necessary?

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You should just eat nails. That is what Sufferlandrians do.


Yae i know, was hoping the guide would Tell me what nails are best (toe, fingers or hardware store nails)


:joy::joy::joy:. When in doubt, go with all of them.

Been doing enough yoga to chew your own toenails? That’s flexibility success, I guess.


Thanks @Glen.Coutts , I’ve been looking for similar recently.

I note, however, the quote on the front cover; “Scene from The Sufferfest’s ‘Half is Easy’ video”.

There is no way that this can be corroorated. No one in the history of Half is Easy has ever been able to see beyond their stem.

Haha. That checks out. I’ve on occasion glanced up to see there were still 8 seconds left during some of the intervals from the hard half. I’ve never actually seen any of the video.