[FEATURE_REQUEST] Nutrition guidelines in workout descriptions

Hello everyone,

As part of my daily routine I use to take a look to next day’s workout (as I guess many of you do as well).

As a total newbie in training and nutrition periodization I’m really struggling to learn as fast as I can, but sometimes information is scattered (not to mention how hard is to find reliable and accurate information in the age of Internet). It certainly can feel overwhelming, right?

And so, I would find really useful to be offered a few guidelines on before, during and after workout nutrients intake (that might be placed at the very bottom of the description or on a different tab, for example), so we Sufferlandrians would schedule better our sessions: knowing when is critical/recommended to eat what before a certain workout, when and what to eat to maximise the recovery or even when a power gel must be on hand during the session.

For example (I’m totally making this up):

Before: 5-8 grams carbohydrates per rider’s kg at least 2 h before this workout
During: 50 g carbohydrates
After: Within the first hour: Proteins: 15-25g if animal based, 30-40g if plant based. If the next session is >1hr and intense: Around 100g carbs within 2 hours

Also, this guidelines could have into account whether the next intense session takes place within the next 24 h or not. Or the current weight of the athlete, for that matter.

In short, I guess I’m talking about integrating nutrition periodization into the existing training plans (to the extent this is possible, of course. I’m fully aware of the Principle of Individuality)

What do you guys think? Do I make any sense?

Sorry if this has been discussed before and greetings from Madrid to all this great community from which I’m learning a lot!

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I think you may be able to find some good guidelines by downloading the PDF from this link


It seems that the current research indicates that you do not have to worry about an eating window after exercise. Waiting until your next meal is just fine if that works better for you.

Thank you @Magnito.

I’m actually using that very reference to get to learn more about the topic, but I would love to see it integrated seamlessly in my training plan. And not only for convenience (and tailored to each Sufferlandrian). I really think it would help my mind relate the nutrition guidelines with the type of the workout, thus learning in a more effective way.


Hi @Heretic and thank you for your response.

You are suggesting “Eating to Suffer” guide should be updated then.


To that limited extent, yes. You will not go wrong, however, if you follow their instructions.
Also, this has nothing to do with eating before or during exercise.

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Thanks for the link - I knew this was on the site somwhere but hadn’t managed to find it. :smiley:

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Fully understand your request and if possible it would be great as an easy way out, however, as the nutrition requirements and preferences may differ quite a lot (both amount and type/source) which I believe would require follow-up on a personal level.

If you spend a little time tailoring the guidelines to your own requirements and preferences for certain types and duration of workouts (or series of workouts) and a couple of weeks fine-tuning after, then I think you should be pretty good to go with a result that is better and more specific than what could be expected from a very general note that would be provided through the plans.

Disclaimer: I have not had the time to completely study the guideline myself yet

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