Editing/viewing billing

Hey how do we access our account info/billing details if we set up SYSTM on our PC but would like to view via our mobile phones. This is the message I get when I check my app but there is nowhere to log into on the web

Go to: systm.wahoofitness.com and sign-in using your SYSTM username/password. Ignore the popup asking you to download SYSTM (you already have) and click on settings to find billing info.

This clearly could be easier–like having the actual link on the page you pictured.

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Perfect thank you sir, I tried to Google a link for this as well and nothing came up for me. No link on the wahoo fitness page either


You’re right though, there should be a link right to the website there in the app. That is the wrong kind of suffering.


@Glen.Coutts Totally agree. And should be an easy fix.