Downloading workouts

I have now put Systm on my PC and laptop(which I want to use for my workouts now instead of my android phone) As my internet connection in my training area is a bit hit and miss I want to download workouts prior to the day but I am having a problem with that. When on the workout page I don’t get the option just to ride the workout but it says “download the app to play” but when I try that I just get directed to the main page where the apps are and get asked to login. I hit “login” and it takes me back full circle to the daily workout page where i need to download the app to play?? previously, on my android phone i could either just do the workout or download it first. Am i missing something here? thanks

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Sounds like you’re on the Web App which looks identical to the Desktop App but isn’t.

You need to download and install the app to your windows computer.


Is it worthwhile mentioning you to possible get an ANT+ cable for potential connection issues with the laptop and trainer?

Thanks, the bluetooth connection between the laptop and trainer is fine, it’s just the wi-fi signal is erratic even with a wi-fi repeater so downloading the workouts seems the easiest option.

Did u get the download issue sorted?

Yes, thanks. Was a bit confusing as I didn’t realise that the website is exactly the same as the app. I think they could make things a bit more user friendly or explain things a bit better TBH.

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Yeh, all the information is out there but navigating it can be a challenge sometimes. I find it all pretty user friendly but I’ve been around awhile and whenever I do run into any difficulties I generally know where to look.

Glad you’re fixed up.

Thanks, new trainer table came yesterday as well, Laptop, table ! I am in the land of luxury now, just in time for a 3 hour endurance session today!