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I have a ticket open on support desk for 3 days as my workouts are not updating into the Systm calendar. Not had any updates apart from the automated reply so went to check status on the support page. But I cannot cannot log into support page at wahoo fitness as get a message
“This page doesn’t exist. You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved. Go back to the home page

Cummon guys you can do better than this ??

I’ve had no problem logging in to the support site myself.

As for your issue, when this has happened, I’ve seen others say its been resolved by an uninstall and reinstall of the app.

Edit: also, for the support site you may need to create a wahoo fitness account separate from the SYSTM app.

Also, there are issues, very welll known, for Apple devices (not their computers mind you). Something that Apple did broke SYSTM badly and Wahoo is trying to fix it.

Thanks Glen.
Yep I did the delete app and re download it the other day.
Can I ask what is the url you use to log into the support page ?I am using the link on the wahoo fitness page. I do have an account and have reset my password twice.

Thanks James.
Do you know Where are these well known problems with iOS are published by wahoo ? I see no notifications that would at least least let us know there are issues.

Support link for submitting a request is The general support site is

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Sir James.
Yep I have a request already opened using that link, but from when I try to login to view it using the ‘signin’ button shown below, I get the login screen, enter my credentials and then get thrown to the ‘this page does not exist’ banner page.

Same happens to me.

Maybe it was down and now fixed (???) but I can get from that page ot the login screen and then login. At that point there’s a button that takes me to which was @JamesT 's first link. I don’t know if this is related to the other server errors peopkle have reported.

I reported the issue on September 30th, 2021. It’s not new.

Don’t know what to say then - I have no problems.

A wild guess here, but are you using the same email that you use to log in to SYSTM? Not sure why that would have anything to do with it but thought it may be worth checking.

Sir Glen, yep tried two different logins, 1 for wahoo account, 1 for support page access.
I get same issue if i do this from IoS (iPad) or from windows PC trying edge, firefox, chrome browsers.

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Ouch. Well hopefully the minions can figure out not only your original issue but also the login thing. I have not had any problems signing in to the support site to track the status of any of my contacts. There’s been a few over the years and all I’ve ever had was stellar support. Hang in there, I’m sure things will get sorted for you (ideally sooner than later).

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Hi @Peteb - we’re really sorry for the experience you’re having with our support site. I looked through our tickets, and one of our SYSTM Minions did respond to your ticket already - please let me know if you didn’t receive the response.

As for not being able to log into link, I’m happy to have the Minion address that directly with you in your ticket, so we’re not discussing your account details here. If you can please confirm that you did receive a response, that would be a great start and then we can move over to the ticket to finish helping you. Thanks!

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Hi Ellisa, yes Jordan contacted me from support.
The original issue with workouts not saving appears to have been resolved yesterday (no root cause given) but there were definitely workouts completed but not recorded between 7-9 January.
It would be good if could also get to understand why cannot login to view support tickets when signing in on