Element bolt/zwift

Hello everyone
I have a Wahoo Kickr V5 and a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt computer
The problem is that if I train on Zwift and I have Bolt on, there are very different readings on Zwift - the average speed, e.g. 29 km/h, and on Bolt - 40 km/h or more. Has anyone had such a problem

Hi. Never had that problem (as don’t use a bike computer indoors for speed). But to try and help - can you tell us/me what your wheel circumference is set to in the relevant Wahoo app, and what you’re sending to the Bolt as data?

This may be a question more for the Zwift forums though as you’re not using the SYSTM software in your use case (I don’t think?)

What is the outcome you’re looking for? That the Bolt reflects exactly the same data that Zwift is displaying? E.g. power, heart rate?, speed?
Because with Zwift you’ll have hills and so on, and no bike computer will be able to see that info, so while the differential you’re getting maybe means a setting is out somewhere, I don’t think they’ll ever actually match.

Edit: and I see someone has moved this to a different equipment category :+1:

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