Bolt & Elite Suito: Anybody else having problems?

I’m using the Bolt V2 to do trainings from Training Peaks on my Elite Suito. Bolt is controlling the Suito (resistance and such), and also recording the training. Since a few weeks, Bolt is not reading the speed correctly – it starts reading speed, then stays for a few seconds at 15kph, then stops reading the speed.

I already did factory-reset everything, unpaired and paired a gazillion times. Sometimes it works after that whole process, sometimes not, but usually it stops working again the next time I fire up the Bold/Suito to train. Was able to use it for 2 trainings in total within the last 3 weeks, which was the biggest streak here. It already did cost me a lot of hours trying to figure that out, and spoiled some Saturday/Sunday afternoons already.

I’m also aware that I have to use strange wheel circumference values (0.088) in the Wahoo companion app due to how the Suito transmits speed.

Is anybody else having similar problems and knows how to fix this?
Wahoo support didn’t respond for the last two weeks to the ticket I’ve created, so I’m trying my luck here in the forum.


Hi, I have exactly the same problem with a Bolt V1. Unfortunately, I’m also not aware of a fix. Technically speaking, the setup is luckily still usable for training, with just wrong speed data at the end of the ride.

My newest attempt at fixing this: Start up the ELEMNT Bolt while pedaling above 15kph on your Suito. Worked two times for me already - which does not mean it will a third … :wink:

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