Elevation issues with my Elemnt Rival

I’ve had my watch for a few weeks now, I did a hill hike with the family for the first time with it yesterday. Elevation ended up being way off, often looking at the watch as I was ascending steeply but the Grade was showing 0.0 and the elevation was not being counted. I was definitely going uphill but the watch was simply not registering anything :roll_eyes:

The watch ended up recording 40m less than what it should have been; after the Strava correction there was a difference of 20% and this was only on a short hike. Is this a known bug that is likely to be fixed with a future update or do I have a watch that’s not working properly?

Here’s what the Rival calculated (it also underestimated the distance by 30m but that’s been corrected on both images)

And here’s what Strava corrected it to, obviously picking up the elevation lost where the watch wasn’t counting it

A run in the hills yesterday which produced an even worse reading, distance was incorrect and elevation was completely off. It’s a shame as I love the way this watch operates and the legibility of the display is great, but think I’m going to go have to back to my Suunto 9 :pensive:

Well I managed to swap my watch out as it it was faulty and could not be fixed, picked up my new one yesterday and will try it out this afternoon :crossed_fingers:

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