Rival Issues

Evening all, is anyone else having issues with their Rival? I Initially bought the Rival a few months ago, but it was replaced under warranty, because the elevation was completely inaccurate. The replacement hasn’t proved to be any better.

Also, indoor swimming doesn’t seem to be recognised at all, and just registers 1 long rest period……

Anyone else having these problems or know of solutions?

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I have the same problem. Swimming in the pool does not record. Did a watch change but swimming in the pool never worked. :sob:

I’ve got my third replacement coming next month…. Also elevation has never worked when running on either watch

I suspect your 3rd one will work. I just went through the same thing with no laps being recorded in the pool. The replacement I just got a week or two ago finally recorded laps. I’m trying to figure out how to turn off the auto lap/interval feature but other than that, it matched my garmin for total yardage. It was my 3rd replacement

Let’s hope so - cheers @dorneyma1

The third change of clock, swimming in the pool does not count. :rage: :rage: :rage:

Doesn’t fill me with hope……

So what have you done? Kept it? Wahoo customer support have been pretty good to me, to be fair

Selected the size of the pool, turned off the automatic interval. Whatever I do, pool distance and pace don’t count.

All other workouts are recorded without strong errors. But swimming in the pool doesn’t work

Yeah, likewise. Doesn’t even recognise that I’m swimming - just records rest periods…. Been terrible with elevation for runs too.

On my run, it records the height perfectly

I’ll see what the next one does. Also annoying you can’t synchronise wahoo system workouts to the watch, and the system app doesn’t log anything other than indoor sessions…

This is a flat course

I don’t understand why wahoo produces non-working hours, it’s terrible.

FWIW, the only wrist-mount I’ve ever used with an accurate altimeter has been Suunto. Barometric altitude is really difficult to measure accurately and just garbage on a good day. Ignore it and allow GPS mapping to do it for you or set it manually.

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I think you’re right @Johnnie, cheers - I’ll ignore it! Best wrist based device I’ve ever had is a fairly cheap TomTom - it was great.

Today I tested my watch in swimming and it started working. After the third watch change, pool swimming works. :smile: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :ok_hand: :+1:

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Great news! :ok_hand:t2: :crossed_fingers:t3:

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And after my third watch exchange, I can confirm mine also works​:+1:t2::man_swimming::ok_hand:t2:

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