Wrong altimeters on ELEMNT


Since a couple of months my ELEMNT is very optimistic on the altimeters.

I’m on the latest firmware’s.

What could be wrong?

Welcome @Curtricias !

Can you be more specific about what is wrong?

Does it show the wrong height above sea level, or does it give the wrong amount of climbing and descending on a ride?

It doesn’t give the correct climbing and descending meters.

For example. I’m riding on a flat road and my ELEMNT shows a climbing percentage.

After a relatively flat ride I have 350 altimeters. After correcting with strava it’s like 123 altimeters.

That sounds like it could be a fault with the barometric pressure sensor in the ELEMNT.

Have you always had this issue, or did it appear after a firmware update on the ELEMNT?

I’d suggest contacting Wahoo technical support about this: Contact Us | Wahoo Fitness

I think it happened after a firmware update.

Which ELMT do you have?

I have the original, and have noticed that if we have a strong low or high pressure system that readings will be way off.

I have the original too.

Mine does the same. Has for last few years. Also original Elemnt. I just accept it but if there is any solution I’d like to know.


I also have accepted it. But if there is a simple solution. I would like to know :slightly_smiling_face: Overall, I’m still very satisfied with my ELEMNT. I have bought mine a few months after release of the original ELEMNT. And never had an issue, besides this “small” one.

I have an original ELEMNT BOLT, and have not seen this sort of behavior. It’s been pretty accurate on all recent rides I’ve done.

Have you tried to contact Wahoo support to see if they can offer any insight? If it is firmware related, hopefully they can identify the issue and resolve it in a future release.

I’ve got the same issue. My BOLT adds always extra meters to my training. I’ve contacted Wahoo support, sent them many training files and finally they have told me that it is within normal limits. But they have offered me to exchange my unit.

When I made this post, I just updated my elemnt. And yesterday was my first ride after the update. And guess what. Its fixed! The altimeters are registered correctly now! I’ve had many updates since the problem started. But after the updates it continued the be an issue. That’s why I didn’t thought about it. But yesterday during my ride I noticed a normal climbing percentage during a climb. I thought, no way, would it have been fixed ?? After I uploaded to strava I did a correction of the altimeters to check. And they were almost the same as what I recorded with the elemnt.


I did am outside ride yesterday and found the altitude gain very true to expectations. So it looks like the latest firmware fixed my original Elemnt too.

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Great to hear that a firmware update has fixed the problem. Thanks for posting about the problem and making people aware of it.