Endurance 3, 4, 5 and 6

Train hard not soft. Anything soft is strictly forbidden in SUF and that includes soft drinks :smile:

I believe for the event, I will be riding predominantly in HRZ2.

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I did Endurance 2, today, while watching the Giro stage live.

Tomorrow I’ll be riding Endurance 3. Next week I have both Endurance 3 and Endurance 4 on my calendar. Both will be ridden while watching the daily Giro stages, of course. :slight_smile:

Since I do them first thing in the morning, usually the first 15-25 minutes feel tough while trying to spin the night time sleepies out. Then it feels like a decent ride until the last 20-30 minutes when I start looking at the clock and my legs start to feel the length and start wondering where the end is.

RPMS started today around 50, built up to 91rpms after 15 minutes, then drifted back down to around 78-83rpms until the last 25 minutes when I had to intentionally push them back up to 85-90rpms to keep from bogging down.


I have to train very early in the morning, starting way before sunrise on Sundays. If I have endurance 4 or 5, i’ll do a couple hours on the trainer then immediately jump to my bike and finish the ride outside. If I leave everything set up the night before, I can be out of the door within 10 minutes of finishing on the trainer

I’ve done endurance 4 a couple of times on the trainer. Last time, i watched Paris-Roubaix and timed it so I finished the session just 5 minutes after the race finished


Just did Endurance 3 while watching the Giro again. Hardest part is just getting the fueling and hydration right to not blow up but also not having to stop to use the potty. :smile:


@Sashikumarshan, I’ll be there too. Planning to ride with @DarrenWCKam. PM one of us and we’ll figure out how to meetup!

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I am not typically a very fast rider too Sir James @RitzMan, typically riding in Z2 as much as possible if I can. But let’s see how it will workout on the day. It’s like another Quest to be honest. Hahaha

No worries. Why don’t we try to meetup with Shashikumarshan and his guys at the start line. Then once we’re on the road, everyone ride at their own pace. At least that way we can get a group photo to post to the forum!

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I like that idea to meet up at the starting line to get pictures before the suffering begins and perhaps after all the suffering too?
Judging from the profile it’s not as bad a the climb on the Dragon Back Run route which is much, much more brutal