“Stretching” plans out

I’m curious whether or not it makes sense to “stretch” some of the shorter plans (building blocks, speed demon) out to fit more endurance riding (road, mtb) in?

So instead of doing the MAP block in 3 weeks, add more endurance riding in between the hard workouts, and stretch it out to 4-5 weeks. So instead of 4 hours and 3 hard sessions a week, I’d like 6-8 hours and 2 hard sessions a week with the rest being endurance - zone 2.

My thought process is that I enjoy getting out and doing endurance rides outside, but also want to complete all of the workouts in the plans. I’d still do a recovery week every 2-2.5 weeks or so.

Is there a downside to this? Thanks for any input!

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If you toss me 2 oranges I would be able to juggle them, toss me another and I drop 1. Some people can juggle 3 but give them 4. I see training like this, strength endurance, speed, stamina, choose any three.

The blocks have a specific focus, which will be watered down by stretching them out. Maybe you would be better off just doing one of the more endurance focused plans, which usually include a couple of shorter intense sessions during the week and longer endurance rides at the weekend. Those might give you the balance you are looking for.


I’ve done what you propose a few times to work in a long (hard in parts) Saturday ride and the occasional club ride during the week. Personally I’ve found it works well as it gives me some intensity and I don’t need to think about what session I’ll do when I come to it.

To each their own

I recommend following the plans as they are and if you like outdoor riding do the outdoor rides on the weekend or replicate some of the workouts in an outdoor environment. You will see more benefits from following the plans as they are :slight_smile:

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