ERG not working from Quarq PM

I raised this over to the minions already, just waiting to hear back, so I figured I’d ask here.

Using a Kickr 2018, Windows 11 PC with ANT+ and BT. Bike is a Specialized Roubaix with a quarq PM.

In the SYSTM software, I see both the kickr and quarq as power and cadence sources, both via BT and ANT+. All as expected.

When I choose Quarq as the power source, and have a workout in ERG mode, SYSTM just can’t seem to get the power right. Like not even close, feels like ERG is not working. I see the power and cadence metrics from my PM.

If I switch the power source to the Kickr, ERG works as expected.

I can rule out issues with the trainer, power meter, and PC because if I fire up zwift on the same PC, with the same settings, using the quarq PM, zwift handles ERG perfectly.

You may ask why it’s a big deal and why I care. I just want to use the same PM for training as I do on my outside rides to be consistent.

I believe this is power matching, which is not supported.

(Somebody correct me if I’m wrong)

Yes, it is power matching and you’re right it’s not supported in Systm

OP, you will need to use the kickr’s power to control erg.

Just having this problem myself. Need to swap the kickr to control with power meter to get the targets right in the app. If you leave the power meter as the power source in SYSTM then the target doesn’t match the power or vice versa. Bit of a pain and isn’t what I have experienced in Sufferfest for the last 12 motor so.

I’ve also been wrapping my head around this having come from trainer road and zwift where this is standard.

It’s been a bit of a let down for me to learn systm doesnt have this feature as I also do a lot of training outdoors and need some consistency in my indoor vs outdoor efforts.

it doesnt have it within the app. however, if you use a kickr you can setup in the wahoo app for your kickr to use ant+ power from your quarq (i do for my 4iiii). and then connect systm to the kickr (but the kickr is actually reding power from your PM, not the one built into the kickr. see the control with ant+ bit here

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