Is anyone else having difficulty getting power to adjust correctly in ERG mode?

I run Wahoo SYSTM on an iMac with Assioma pedals as my power source and a Wahoo Kickr Snap as my controllable device. I didn’t notice this problem on TheSufferfest, but on Wahoo SYSTM my power in ERG mode is consistently 15-20% greater than power target.

Is anyone else having difficulty getting power to adjust correctly in ERG mode?

I wonder if I have selected the correct controllable device. There are many choices. I have Kickr Snap B824 selected, but there are three other options: FE-C Bike Trainer - 47140, Bike Power -47140 or Bike Power - 7110.

Your issues probably stem from the fact that SYSTM doesn’t do power matching and there is an inherent power difference between your Assiomas and the Snap.

At least as an experiment, I would connect your Snap as you have done as both power source and power control and see how ERG behaves then.

For reference, I have both a Kickr and Garmin Vector 3S pedals but I only use the Kickr as data when indoors to avoid this problem.

I have assiomas and recently bought a Kickr core. ERG mode didn’t work when I selected the pedals as the power source in systm (I think there’s a help article about that somewhere). However, as I use the assiomas outside, I wanted a consistent power source, despite in comparison the kickr reading very close to the pedals.

Solution to this was that in the Wahoo app (for the trainer, not Systm) you can select the trainer to use your own power meter. You need to add the ant+Id for the pedals in the menu under ‘control w/Ant+ power meter’. The Snap will then use the pedals as the power source but you still just connect the trainer to the app as normal including power from trainer. This works great for me. No delays in erg responsiveness, and means my power data is comparable as it’s all from the pedals. Also, no need to spin down, just do the usual zero offset on the pedals when necessary.


Whoa! That works great! Like a rock. Thank you!