Kickr Snap ERG

Hey guys,

I am beginning to hate systm though I love the training plans I am lost when it comes to ERG.
I have completed a 4dp at ftp 163 my HM IS 198.
I completed a calibration on kickr snap in the wahoo app middle rear cassette big ring front.
I hit the cadence targets and feel near enough nothing on 8% and then when it gets light I hit the cadence requirement it asks for and whilst it informs me i should be hitting 70w on a cadence of 90 im smashing 130 i am not changing gears.
I tested it on Fulgaz and all works no problem these levels on 4dp and then ERG mode. It’s a mine field.
I love the plan but feel Fulgaz Kinglake FTP is by far and away more simple.
My subscription renews early Feb and want to try stick to it but it’s overly frustrating.
P.S. all information re weight, age calibration is to the best of my knowledge is 100%
Someone said change it to the smallest gear rear cassette big ring but that makes the problem worse.
The snap seems to be working fine with Fulgaz I even deleted fulgaz disconnected and reconnected the snap to see if that was the cause.
Made zero difference

Could you take a screenshot of the devices tab in the SYSTM app so we can see how your trainer is connected?

See attached doing endurance 1.5 maybe an old snap that’s dead

Erg mode works better in the inner ring, with whatever sprocket on the cassette gives the straightest chain line. Try recalibrating in the Wahoo app using the inner ring. Your connection to SYSTM looks like it’s setup correctly but that you might be hitting a wattage floor where your trainer can’t reduce the resistance enough to hit the power target.

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I was thinking that too - I’m pretty sure my ftp is wrong planning the ftp plan next week and re assess after that will re-calibrate and give it one more week before giving up.
Thanks for the great response as always

You suggest anything to test it out?
Did the warm up after recalibrating and it doesn’t seem to work on that either

Losing faith in wahoo

Hardware great software questionable at the moment

Your power is consistently above target and in step with cadence which suggests you have hit the wattage floor. Try a lower gear.


I have a snap as well.

Before spindown I spin easily constantly increase cadence as a warm-up for ten minutes. 36T ring in front 27 in the back (second gear on an 11-30). Last minute of warm-up I use third gear at lower cadence then wait for the wheel to stop spinning and perform spindown on third gear small ring.

For ERG I use small ring and 27 in the back.only for workouts with short tough sprints I use third gear.

I only use big ring in level mode when doing FF or HM. Mostly because of cadence and power.

Avoid big ring in erg at all cost, you don’t want to get the trainer all over the place with the inertia you’ll get.

Hope it works