Evolutions of a pain cave!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had all my past turbo trainers pop up in my memories feed. So who else has pics of their changing pain cave:

First turbo, cheap Elite magnetic thing (no idea of model name!!) 2014

Upgraded to KK Road Machine and built up a desktop for TrainerRoad when that’s how you got power targets for Suf videos 2014

Upgraded to KICKR and a TV as a monitor 2017

This year got the KICKR20, headwind and added a bigger telly :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty cool idea for a topic. I can’t wait to see some of the upgrades over time.

Your paincave saw some pretty neat updates, Lee. Love the headwind.

I was looking through my pictures. Sadly, I only upgraded the level of clutter…


Great story of pain cave. Kickr bike next? :wink:

Not sure you could improve it further. But I’m sure there is a way

I’d love a KICKR bike! Slightly more realistically my next upgrade is probably a soundbar :slight_smile: plus “maybe” a Climb…

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Last month I upgraded from a $20 8+ year old dumb trainer to a new Kickr core. And a couple months ago I’ve added a floor mat under my bike. And last year my wife ditched an old rolling wood cart and a small set of plastic organizer drawers to put on it. So now I can put my allen keys and gels in the drawers and put my phone propped on top and keep my water bottles within arms reach on the shelf on top of the cart instead of on top of an upturned construction bucket or trash can. I’ve used my laptop twice to record my workouts instead of on my tiny phone screen, but I rarely do that because I only have 1 electrical outlet, and it takes way too long to plug everything in and get everything set up when all I want to do is get on my bike and ride at 4:30am. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some day I can get a new extension cord and find a place to put a small monitor so I can have a bigger screen to watch my workouts on. But for now, it’s just my phone on the wooden cart.

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Yeah the one thing I didn’t mention from the pics is that I wired in four new sockets! I’ve tried to make the cave as ready to go as I can to reduce any possible excuses :slight_smile:

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