Your best pain cave upgrade

Besides the usual (bike/fan/trainer)

For me, its a simple shelf on drop brackets (so I can hang my bike on the same wall) that holds my laptop, food, and bidons while training.

What is your best pain cave upgrade or unique feature?



(just kidding)


Not unique but definitely the best upgrade for me. Kickr Climb. Hands down the best bit of indoor training kit I have ever had. I’ve climbed a yak ton more than I ever would have without it.


Smart wheel-off trainer, shortly followed by KICKR CLIMB.

An obnoxious 65” tv directly in front of the bike.




Three daylight LED bulbs in IKEAs cheapest lamps to brighten things up in my rather dark and cold cellar. Not quite bright as a sunny day - but a great improvement for me. Lights, fan, trainer and and music setup all on one switched extension cable - one click and ready to go. (sorry - that’s two things)

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I have my laptop supported by a music stand turned flat right next to me so that I can reach it from the bike, with a cable connecting it to a 42” screen TV

Best upgrade for me was subscribing to Sufferfest instead of Z****. :smiley:

Second best upgrade - fan with remote control


Wahoo HEADWIND. For years I used a basic window fan and thought “a fan is a fan, why do I need anything more?” The HEADWIND blows harder, is much more directional with it airflow pattern and most importantly having fan speed controlled by heart rate is both practical and motivating.

I used to put my window fan on medium, feel a little cold at first, get warmed up and during a hard session, either forget to adjust it or just not want to get off the bike to increase it’s speed. Yes a simple remote control for my fan would have solved this specific problem, but the beauty of the HEADWIND is that when you start going hard you feel the fan immediately increase it’s speed and it reinforces your hard effort and kinds tells you it’s time to go even harder! I guess the dream set up would be to have a second smart fan behind you so get a TAILWIND too!


I’ve got no room right in front of the bike as there’s a big table there and I’m not sure how well the fan would fit under. Is your fan placed directly in front of you or off to the side?

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Bought a Stages SB20 in January, brilliant piece of kit. It makes the suffering so much more pure.


I use the headwind directly infront of me and my son using it with his TT bike at about a 60 degree side angle. Both work really well.

I’m definitely intrigued and tempted. But a 65” screen, now THAT would be something.

Here’s the HEADWIND at a side angle with a 65" TV monitor behind it. Gotta be honest, I would strongly prioritize the HEADWIND over a large monitor. I know if seems like it just a fan, but I really find it increases engagement and does a great job helping you keep cool.


I have a 150x80cm space in the smallest room in the house (not that one) for the trainer so made a custom shelf for monitor, keyboard, mouse, water bottles, fan remote, laser rabbit etc. Compact and bijou, all I need within easy reach. Flag is out of shot.

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I’ve never considered the Kickr climb - but this thread has now got me interested! Grrr :confounded: Maybe a 2021 Christmas present to myself if I can notch up a good year of consistent training. They sound good!

I’ve got an HD projector that is an excellent alternative to a large TV. Set up on a shelf in garage so I just need to take my iPad out there and plug it in to get going.

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Curious how the Kickr Climb actually works? You know…in case I win it in the ToS prizes (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease). I get you lock in your front fork and it elevates and lowers in response to the ride cues for slope, but what does that actually simulate? Combined with the increased drag from the trainer simulating the harder effort, I’m assuming you’d say you get a feel for “climbing”?

I have a Lasko pro-performance fan I bought from Amazon and it does a much better job than a traditional box fan and it’s only about $65 versus the headwind. I’ve heard the headwind is great but it’s a steep price tag. A remote power for the fan is nice too.

Wow. I just went from an iPad to my MBP for the ToS and thought THAT was an upgrade. Saw someone had a projector beaming onto their wall, too.

As much as I get into some of the videos (Team Scream, for one), I’m afraid with a large enough screen I’d just convince myself I was crashing out in a roundabout and end up toppling my whole rig!