Expected power increase after 12 weeks plan?

Just about to start the 12 weeks mountain grand fondo and wondered what sort of increase in numbers people have experienced after following a training plan.
This will be the first training plan I’ve ever followed and I’m quite looking forward to it.

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That would depend on what the training plan emphasizes. To pick an extreme example, if you did an AC/NM training block I would not expect any real gains in MAP or FTP.

It would also depend on your previous conditioning. If you are untrained, you could expect large increases ( I have made 25% or more). On the other hand if you are in excellent shape, you might find you have minimal gains.


What the plans won’t be able to test for is your CP numbers, which you’ll get from the real world.

It might feel sucky if you do a full plan and don’t see any real improvement on the FF, however you won’t know if your entire curve shifted over. So maybe your FTP is the same, but now you can hold close to that number for 30 minutes instead of 20 mins. That’s huge.


Lots of variables involved, especially over a 12 week plan. I can say with great confidence over the 18 months of suffering, I’m still improving every FF, and I thought I was a strong (although not specifically trained) cyclist coming into this.

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@StrongerFasterOlder How did you get on?

I went from completely untrained to a 38% increase in FTP for my first plan. I’m halfway through my 2nd plan and I think I can get another 20% increase as a stretch goal, but anything above 15% increase will be an amazing outcome.


My first 12 week plan (All-Purpose Road) gave me a modest 3.5% gain in FTP, but bigger gains in AC (6%) and NM (19%).

I was already in very good endurance form from a solid year of consistent training, but hadn’t been doing many anaerobic efforts. So the results were pretty much what I would have expected.