Fantasy Team 10 Riders only (plus you)

I know this is crazy but there are some folks on here who actually follow pro-cycling racing. Truth be told, I never have. I’m actually fairly new to road cycling and only became an avid cyclist myself just over 12 years ago or so and I was already close to 50 then. I’m 60 now if that matters to anyone.

I now have a great road/gravel bike, a pretty swell indoor bicycle torture chamber and all the kit. I landed on the shores of the Great Lactic Acid Sea back in 2015 and I’ve never left (not like I can).

Now to the topic, though I don’t really follow cycling, or any pro-sports for that matter, I do know most of the big names in the Men’s and Women’s pro peloton. Some names I know from The Sufferfests, some from my news feed being very much cycling oriented, some from belonging to a cycling club.

So, while I think I could put together a pretty okay team of Pro’s my fantasy team I think would be mostly folks from here like Sirs David, Dylan, Francois and Dames Ellisa, Rebecca, Karen, and Kathryn Bertine and so many others who have inspired and continue to inspire me.

Who would be on your fantasy team? Feel free to share why?

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I can’t pick all ten just yet, but I’m going to start with two:

Marianne Vos - I have to include the GOAT, and she seems to be a super nice person
Mitch Docker - GOAT mullet, and someone I’d love to have a beer with


Having first been interested in cycling on the 80s, it starts with a bunch of the 7-Eleven team, Davis Phinney, Bob Roll, Rob Kiefel, Alex Stieda, Andy Hampsten. And also, of course, LeMond and Hinault. Went to watch them in the Coors Classic here in Colorado. TdF on TV in those days was one or two highlight shows on the weekends. That and a subscription to VeloNews kept me up to date.