[Feature Request] Notification on top/lowest gear

TL;DR - Have a sound and/or LED notification when I shift into the end of the cassette.

Hi Wahoo,
A returning Bolt V1 early adopter here.
I went back into the Garmin ecosystem for awhile (830) but testing the new Roam V2 I found most the issues I had with the bolt fixed so I gave it a try. And so far I am happy with my decision - the colors on the screen are a very welcome addition, giving me enough information at a glimpse without having to read numbers. They are visible in direct sunlight too! Also the dual band GPS provides much higher accuracy - bolt was constantly nagging that I’m out of the course when doing MTB switchbacks!

One thing I miss from the other ecosystem, is that when I shift my electronic gears into the end gear (1st/top) I get a short beep. When I try to shift again I get another beep that it is impossible.
You can leverage the unique top LEDs that you have, to quickly blink when I shift into the lowest/highest gear, and when I try to shift to a lower/higher gear too.
Instead I have to use the gear indicator field - which I find surprisingly useful too, I haven’t used it before. You can also color that field with a gray background when no further shifting is possible.

I hope I hit the proper forum for this request?

Best Regards,

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Does anybody from Wahoo read these forums? Is it a waste of time to post such suggestions here?

@roilev Yes - they read them. Lots going on so they don’t always respond but your feedback seems very helpful.

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