Display gears on Garmin Head Unit

Hi - I recently purchased a Kickr Bike and have put a sweat guard over the frame to protect. Consequence I loose sight of which gear I am in. Some apps display the gear on the screen but it would really good if I could use a Garmin 1040 with the gears and power displayed attached to the bars like I do on the road.

Has anybody else asked for this or is it one of those he said she said he said and now they are not talking type of scenarios or will never work. Seems to me an simple ask and hoping that is the outcome

Thank you

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Would love to see gears from the Kickr Bike on an Elemnt head unit or even on Zwift fo the same reasons as the OP!

Pretty please :slight_smile:

would love to see the gears too on the elemnt as an additional display. I was actually expecting wahoo to offer a display at a reasonable price

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Thanks for replies - if the data were on any head unit that would work.

There’s an ANT+ gear shifting profile which could, in theory, be broadcast. That would allow apps and devices with a supported ANT+ stack to display it, such as most head units. Sure someone would knock up an IQ app if the data was available.
Not sure if there is an equivalent BTLE thing e.g. under the FTMS umbrella… I wouldn’t bet heavily on that though