[Feature Request] Unlink the "music" sound setting in cycling workouts from "sound" setting in strength workouts

The cycling workouts in SYSTM have a very useful feature - the dual toggle for “music” and “sound effects” allows to watch movies during cycling workouts by toggling music off and leaving sound effects on.

Unfortunately, the “music” setting gets carried over to the general “sound” setting in the strength workouts (and presumably other non-cycling workout types), which rely on sound cues to mark the start and the end of each exercise.

Therefore, toggling the “music” setting off in a cycling workout makes it necessary to undo the setting in a strength workout (and vice versa if you want to watch a movie during the next cycling workout).

I think it would make more sense to save the sound settings separately for cycling and strength workouts to avoid messing with the sound toggles before each workout.


Yeah, the same thing happens with yoga sessions.

Just wondering if the non-cycling workouts followed the cycling “sound effects” setting instead of the “music” setting it would be more intuitive/the most common use-case.


Same, with yoga.

I’ve seen some people say the Music setting is sticky, but if it is, it has been elusively so in my experience.

It’s now just in the list of things to check when I start a workout now, along with auto-pause or not for ProRides etc.

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