Finally No More Heart Rate on Yoga & Strength Training

I never understood this on The Sufferfest you couldn’t connect your HR monitor to anything while doing Yoga or Strength even though your 0 bpm showed up after the workout was finished. It would be good if you could connect it just to see what your HR was. If you can connect it for the cycling surely there must be a way to connect it for Yoga and Strength ?


@Shaned1972 There are two different workout players - one that has all of the connections and used for cycling and the other is more basic and is used for strength and yoga.

Right now I dual record and then consolidate the data in Training Peaks but I am fairly sure that upgrading the workout player for strength and yoga is on their roadmap for the future. I can imaging that they are just working on all of the issues involved in the launch and then we will start to see more features come into the app in the coming months.