Feature request Wahoo Bolt

I own a Wahoo Element Bolt v2 with pleasure for a few years now.
But there is one thing that frustrates me.

On the screen with ride details you can use the side buttons to zoom the ride fields.
But zoom level goes from 1,2,3 to 4,7,9…
On the screen with 4 fields there is an empty field in left corner in the bottom.
Why is the space not used and isn’t this a 5 fields screen??
In the next zoom levels this space is always used.
But in the other screens with 7,9 fields the text becomes to small for me to read when riding.


Hey @Kristof_Vermeerschen and welcome to the forums. I moved your thread to the Equipment category as you had it under SYSTM (aka WahooX) Software thread.

In any case, I agree with you that it’s odd and I have the same thing with the ROAM2 where it goes 11,9,7,4,3,2,1 and the 4 field option has a large 4th field and a space that could just as “easily” be split in 2 to offer 5 fields instead. :man_shrugging:
Not sure why it is that way or how they determined this would be the best way to offer the zoom feature. I found that being selective about what I want on screen all the time which means on my ROAM2, I usually ride with the 7 field view and zoom out if I want the extra fields.
Here are some screen shots to show for anyone not familiar with zooming or the screen on the BOLT2/ROAM2


I agree with you. Not to mention I’ve noticed and mentioned this a couple years ago. Annoying to see that this 5th spot is still empty. At least we couple have the option of filling it. :man_shrugging::face_with_raised_eyebrow::see_no_evil:

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I recently just noticed the jump from 4 fields to 7 fields on my ROAM v2. I’d set up a page expecting to be able to have 5 fields visible, and was surprised to see three fields disappear/appear with that step.

You can add my +1 to the request to have the option of seeing 5 fields, unless there’s some UI or other technical reason why it won’t work.