Bolt v2 setup for a road bike and a mountain bike

I have been using my Bolt V2 with my road bike and have now got a MTB and would like to use the Bolt with that. Different size wheels and different speed cadence sensors. Are there any simple instructions on how to set this up on the Elemnt App and/or n the Bolt unit?

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I dunno about simple as The Company doesn’t offer bike profiles (at least not yet). What I do is set up a custom page for my Road and Gravel bikes and have also in the past set up a custom page for Hills (as I usually dont have any).

As for sensors, you should be able to set up the sensor parameters once connected.

I would love to see an option for “workout type” either in the app or even better on the Bolt itself at present its indoor/outdoor only. I use my Bolt for running with a MagCad 3d printed watch strap/mount.

The Cadence sensor question is easy, just connect both, it’ll use whichever one is in range. The option is use the shoe mount for the cadence sensor, which is what I did before I got a second sensor., I mounted mine horizontally on the top of my shoe it still reads accurately upto a 150rpm.

Speed sensor, I don’t bother with one and just use GPS for speed, although speed sensors are generally more accurate for MTB so I’d just connect the speed sensor on my MTB and use GPS speed on my road bike.

So yes, connect both but due to different wheel sizes the MTB sensor does need to have the size set (unless auto is an option).

I’m not trying to be a troll but…
That blows me away. I just added a set of wheels and 700x40 tires for gravel for my Domane and was so happy on the first ride that Gravel Bike profile was already available to just add to my Edge 830 and my Fenix 6S profiles list.

I added them and let them go with the default screens, and to my surprise, I saw some new graphs I hadn’t seen on the Road or Mtn profiles because I’ve just left them as is for a long time and didn’t know these new screens were available. They were pretty practical at showing some key data at a glance and I need to take time to set them up on my other profiles now, as well as some changes/additions to the Gravel Profile.

I frankly wouldn’t even consider a change to Wahoo for a replacement if it didn’t have profiles. That needs to be a priority, IMO.

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I’ll bite…

I’d been a Garmin Edge user since getting into cycling in about 2013. Currently have an Edge 530 (but never use it now).

I have an ROAM V2 (got it last year) and, like I said above, while it doesn’t have profiles, it has Pages that you can add at will and customize very simply.

I’ve got mine set up with a page for hills which I only use when going hill climbing (very infrequent around these parts), gravel (about 20% of my outdoor riding) and road (the other 80%ish). They are so simple to set up on the companion app (which you do on your phone vs the faffing about on the Garmin Edge) and very easy to toggle off and on.

Honestly, while there are some things I like about the Edge, having used the ROAM2 now, I would never go back. There are many things I prefer about the ROAM2 but one of the things I absolutely LOVE is that while I can have up to 11 data fields on one page, I can zoom in and out at will while on the road.

I’m not sure what a Garmin profile offers that ROAM pages don’t?


What do all Garmin users have in common? They complain about their Garmins! I know first hand…I killed 3 Garmin units. Out of frustration I switched to a Wahoo Bolt…Amazing! And they keep updating features (never saw that on Garmin). So easy to use and now even cheers me on…“CLIMB!”


Now HOW did I know YOU WOULD?! :wink:

I readily admit that I’m not that up to speed on what the ROAM does NOT offer, (which is partly why I was surprised it has no profiles), but what I find nice about the profiles is that I just select ONE thing, the profile of the day’s ride, and the rest is all as I want it to be (SORT OF,) i.e. which screens will show up, and that is multiple for me and probably most others using Garmins.

So that means map page (I use only infrequently and briefly), the Climb Pro page (mountains and hills are CONSTANT here), maybe Strava segments page (pops up SEMI-often; sometimes I want it sometimes not), Lap Summary pages (pop up as I reach the set lap distance or button pressed next lap point, which I rarely use), the Elevation page (I scroll to and use briefly but fairly often), Cycling Dynamics page (which I just discovered when I added Gravel Profile to my Edge 830 and it was a preconfigured option I hadn’t seen before, and is kinda cool; opened my eyes to what might be the most useful page yet for monitoring my effort! Probably will add this to my other profiles now; it seems more intuitive and provides more info, the way “a picture is worth a thousand words!”), AND other pages/screens, like the ones I’ve customized and use most, 2 of these that I scroll between semi-regularly on every ride.

I admit I DON’T know what the ROAM, ELEMNT, BOLT options are and how to work those, but I DO LIKE the ability to scroll between pages/screens as I ride. 1st screen for me is mainly CURRENT DATA as it’s changing as I ride, and my 2nd screen is mainly AVERAGE and CUMULATIVE DATA to that point of the ride.

So what IS good about Profiles to me is being able to set up those pages relevant to the type of ride and for me, the specific things that apply to that Profile, for example, getting rid of power data on my MTB since I don’t have a power meter on that bike and probably never will (even though it frustrates me a LOT that Garmin basically tosses those rides out of consideration in my training status etc because there’s no power data, ignoring the very useful HR data that Strava, for example, uses in its assessment of my Fitness Freshness status.)

Once the Activity Profile is set up the way I want, I just start my ride of the day by selecting the Profile and any and all of those pages are ready to scroll through as I ride. I can find whatever data I’m looking for pretty easily.

THIS is where you’ve got me whipped! I absolutely cannot understand why Garmin HAS NOT made the ability to set up and modify these things on our phones!! ABSOLUTEY CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS! It is BEYOND BASIC!!
It totally IS a pain just LEARNING how to use the small device (and THAT applies to Wahoo devices too, at least to the degree of learning what buttons do what, and when that applies and when it doesn’t, though that MAY be more intuitive on the Wahoo devices than the Garmins, I can’t really say much there.)
That is one reason I chose the 830 over the 530, because I’ve had more than enough of silly, non-intuitive button press scenarios to operate such things as older cyclocomputers like my Cateye Micro Wireless ones that I STILL use on every bike to provide total miles logging and current speed, etc, even though I have the Edge 830 AND a Fenix running too. Those Cateyes are my backup and my TRUSTED distance and rolling time, but are a ROYAL PAIN to set up again when battery changes are done.
So I originally figured that the EDGE 830 would at least be easier to figure out by using the touch screen instead of remembering which button to press. (I’m only slightly convinced of that benefit now, and the UNresponsive Touch Screen in rain scenarious is sometimes a NIGHTMARE, to the point that one cannot do ANYTHING with the device other than shut it off with the button!)

I’m 65 and have needed reading glasses for a LONG TIME. And the ability to zoom is HUGE, unless the device allows you to set the FONT SIZES for pages, which Garmin still does not. And it means I can hardly ever clearly see alerts that pop up. I can usually make out JUST ENOUGH to be CONFUSED! :thinking:
I REALLY wanted to love the Wahoos but when I got my EDGE 830, the first real GPS enabled, data rich device for cycling, I wasn’t convinced of the whole package being as full as Garmin’s was. And I’m still not, frankly, but I AM AWARE that there are some SUPERB features of the WAHOOs that Garmin hasn’t touched.
If I were FORCED to buy another device right now, I’m not sure which way I’d go… But I WOULD SERIOUSLY consider the WAHOO devices again. I’d be hard pressed to switch streams because I have the Fenix 6 also and my wife has it too, but THESE TWO FEATURES, USING THE PHONE APP to make changes to the ROAM/ELEMNT/BOLT and BEING ABLE TO ZOOM (OR OTHERWISE ENLARGE TEXT) are absolutely BASIC NEEDS and GARMIN FAILS in these respects.

I’m still using my Garmins and still hoping they make these changes. I sure don’t plan on buying any more of them until they do, and if I’m FORCED to buy because of device failures, WAHOO might be the next river I swim in.

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Haha. I’m pretty predictable :man_shrugging:t3:.

When I bought my Edge 530, I got it because I did NOT want touch screen and the price I got at the time was a steal. Had the price not been as good as it was, I would have bought a Wahoo unit.

Sometime later, I was essentially “gifted” my ROAM2 but now having had the experience of both, for my purposes, the Wahoo wins on almost every front. I’m not invested in the garmin multi-verse tho (don’t wear a watch of any kind) I do like the garmin connect website for some basic post ride review and route creation stuff. I also basically treat the wahoo pages as rose profiles and it’s super easy to toggle on and off (especially since this back be done on the phone either before the ride or at a brief pause mid ride).

One of the things I like about the ROAM2 buttons vs Garmin is that the order of selection doesn’t force me to switch hands back and forth like Garmin did which I always found annoying AF. Like you I’m not in the market again anytime soon, and if something were to go wrong the customer service experiences I’ve had with wahoo put garmin (and MANY other companies) to shame.

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If only Wahoo headunits had this. Being gifted hardware is beta than buying it I suppose :smirk:

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