Speed associative map zoom level for elemnt gps

Would a setting to have the map zoom level on a Roam/Bolt etc be associative to the speed of the rider/bike be possible?

Basically when slowed down the map would zoom in, when cruising along it would it would be mid way out, when pedalling hard or flying down a long descent it would zoom quite far out.

Is their a suggestion board I could add this to?



Hi Rob,
first things first: Welcome to the Systm forum!

Do you use your Bolt/Roam already or do you plan to buy one and would love to see the functionality you describe?

I am a proud owner/user of a Bolt (series I) and love it!
My navigation settings are that my navigation „arrow“ is always heading towards riding direction and the scale is in the 200 m range (sorry, metric units).

Here comes the verdict: I have a 99% hit rate in following the route I have chosen. For me it performs (kind of) flawless and I use navigation every time I‘m in holiday on unknown territory.

Hope this helps.

Hi Gerald,

I have and use a Roam.

Yes I have the arrows settings the same and scale similar, I do find that I often have to zoom in and out to see the level of detail that is relevant to my speed though. Not a huge problem, but a setting for it to adjust automatically would be helpful.



You are right. A smart zoom function could be handy at times.
Let the Minions (help desk) know. They are eager for such things…

Thanks Gerald, could you advise how I post to the Helpdesk please?

Try this one:


Not really a solution to your query, but it may help a little: I’ve recently removed the speed indicator from the map-screen. It makes the actual map just a tiny bit bigger and helps with the overview.

Added benefit is that I’m less obsessed about current speed and just enjoy the ride.

I need to buy a unit. Which is the better choice bolt or roam?

I chose the Bolt over alternatives of other brands, never considered the Roam as it was out of my budget. I like my bolt for the long battery life, real buttons and ease of use.

I havent used a Bolt/Bolt 2 so I couldnt really comment on that particular model.

I have had my Roam for about 18 months now and am very happy with it. I would say the Roam is the most popular head unit amongst the group of riders I cycle with. (the Bolt 2 is relatively new though)

Thanks. I just ordered a roam.

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