First FF completed

Did the WahooX trial, kicked off with the ramp test (after a few issue - solved with thanks to @way9e0 and @Glen.Coutts).

I’ve subscribed and figured I should do a Full Frontal. Tonight was the night; I didn’t feel motivated going in to it, but think I managed to nail it pretty well.

I haven’t done a 20 min FTP effort for a few years - but think I wrung everything out of myself. Almost threw up after the 5 minute MAP, 20 minute FTP and 1 minute AC efforts. I think I could have gone a smidge deeper on the 20 minute effort - I started at 88rpm for the first ten minutes, then raised that to 89/90 for the next five minutes, and 90/91 for the last five minutes. I couldn’t give much more than that. It was a rise of about 25 watts over the second two thirds of the test - could be better, but could have been a lot worse considering it’s been a while.

My MAP effort could have been better - I didn’t find the right power immediately, I used the HM target plus a bit, then realised I could push harder.

Not sure I’m going to repeat that for a while… Glad it is done!


Unless you’re ready to challenge Filippo Ganna, that’s a pretty significant pacing change. Guess you’ll have to do it all over again. :imp:

Seriously, congrats… though it does probably mean you underperformed a couple W over the 20 minutes so you can feel free to fine tune that setting if future workouts aren’t putting enough “hurt so good” on. I need to start psyching myself up for a FF after last week’s taper (at the end of the 12 week training plan) turned into a flu week.


Sounds like you did it right. We are always happy to help others (to suffer :wink: )

Pacing the 5 and 20 minute efforts does take a little practice but at least now you know what you’re in for :face_vomiting:

What was your Rider Type? I’m a Sprinter (and always have been) and am fortunate to have HM very predictive of my FF results for MAP and FTP. Some rider types don’t fare as well so it is possible that HM under or overestimated your targets as you prepped for FF.

FWIW, next time you do FF (whenever that may be), it would be worthwhile to do the full 7 day prep for it as it gives you the best opportunity to perform well by balancing work and rest. FF is also built into the end of some of the training plans and also provides a good prep week in advance of the test.

In any case, WELCOME aboard! Have a poke around and dont hesitate to ask questions in the forums here. There is a yak ton of experience with the coaches/SUF/Wahoo scientists weighing in here and again. Also worth checking out The Knowledge Podcasts (mostly 15 minutes) with loads of great info from the sport science team.

Congrats on getting FF done!


Welcome aboard and congrats on getting it done. FWIW I don’t think an ftp that’s understated by a couple watts is the end of the world


5 min and 20 min efforts are definitely a pacing challenge if you haven’t done them before. Next time around you’ll have a better idea of what you can manage. Certainly sounds like you gave it everything - well done on that!


Welcome to Wahoo X @Dan_Carr !
Now the real fun begins! Are you training for anything specific?

Here is some more info on how your FF results stack up:


Clearly you did it right…:smirk:


Same Sir @Glen.Coutts! But did I mention FF switched me to an Attacker this month??? First time ever I’ve changed from Sprinter. Not sure how I feel about that. Guess I’m an AC junkie now?



I’m gonna try to get that next time I do FF which may be never


@Glen.Coutts - it’s labelled me an Attacker. Bit disappointed about the MAP, but only because 4DP is showing me there’s a weakness there… ignorance was bliss :joy:

@Coach.Rupert.H - thanks for the link, I have had a good read around about 4DP, which was pretty much the driver of wanting to join the Wahoo platform over TR, which was my previous training platform throughout my triathlon racing. I’m training for a couple of half distance races in 2023. Currently doing an abbreviated pre season plan, which will take me into my Half training plan for the first event.

My job takes me away a lot, so training is opportunistic - mainly hotel gyms/pools. Thinking about travelling with a second set of Favero Duo-Shi pedals so I keep up with the bike workouts on hotel bikes. I show power from my Duo-Shi on my head unit and Tacx Neo 2T at home, and they’re pretty close. Everything is a balance of compromises!


It’s definitely been a while, and I was a bit “apathetic” going in to the test. Wahoo had Revolver scheduled but I’ve been busy with the World Cup so missed four days of bike training, had an endurance session Monday and thought I may as well smash myself on FF… :joy:

Found the pacing of the 20 minute effort interesting, being already zapped by the MAP effort. Previously I’ve done 20 minutes where you’re riding above FTP, then it crunches the numbers and spits out the new FTP target. In many ways, I think FF 20 minute effort is easier mentally; but maybe I also had a slight negative split as I was worried about overcooking it.

Enjoying getting back in to structured training!

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I too recently joined, two months. Did the HM when I started and just did my first FF. Ugh! Not sure I did it properly. Don’t have the level of detail in this post. Totally spent at the end so assume so. What is the name of the one week training plan that preps you for the FF? Thanks.

Just had a quick look - if you choose Plans > Cycling > Fitness Test Prep > Full Frontal Prep that seems to be a one week prep plan.

Hope that helps


Right. There’s two options, either the FF only prep week, or the HM/FF week. I think the majority of us seem to favor the HM/FF option, since the mid-week HM really helps you get an idea of where your MAP/FTP are to help you pace the FF.


Yeah. The HM sets the suggested targets for in the FF making it much much easier to pace. I try to just beat them and it’s killer.


This forum is so useful. Thanks all!


Been doing the sun-threshold 2x20 workouts. Effort is FTP-12, so it feels taxing but on the edge of uncomfortable rather than flat out unpleasant.

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I will add that to my plan. Thanks.