First IndieVelo ride

So I did my first IndieVelo ride. Just a quick 10 mile ride around the island to get a feel for the platform. I can see using this for a change of pace. I will try an event next time. I have two issues and a question.

Issue 1. I have my profile set to upload to Strava. It did not. Does it not do this automatically? Is there somewhere I can go to do it manually?

Issue 2. As I was poking around I came across a message on where I can find my FIT file from the ride. The folder exists, but it is empty. Does it take some time to be sent? Again, can I manually send it or download it from somewhere?

Question. Since this was my first venture on the platform, I don’t know what I don’t know. Any tips on getting the most out of the platform, which event(s) I should try first, etc?

Thanks in advance.

indieVelo should upload to Strava automatically and quickly. It does for me, and I also get the FIT file in the directory listed in the documentation. What platform/OS are you running it on?

I’m not aware of any other place you can get the FIT file. Some of it is handled server-side as I’ve had the app crash once (only once, thankfully) and the partially completed ride was uploaded to Strava from the iV server.

Have you exited the iV app? If you have not, that might trigger the upload/save to disk.

I haven’t yet done many events. Many of the automatically generated events will have bots filling the field, but you cannot tell whether you are racing against real people or bots.

There is a Facebook group (if you’re on FB): indieVelo Riders & Racers Some organized races are posted there, many of which are human-only.

So far I’ve mainly been using indieVelo for workouts scheduled in my TrainingPeaks program - the integration there is very good, and I like the way those structured workouts are handled in iV, with the minor gripe that they round power targets to the nearest 5 W.

Have you seen the iV online documentation? That’s a good source of basic info about the platform.

Coming back to your original question, I’d suggest trying a very short ride to troubleshoot the Strava upload/FIT file save.

Thanks for the info. I am running Windows 11. Neither has happened even after I exited and reloaded. Still not there this morning.

I did send an email to support and got a reply from George already. Hopefully it was just a one-time glitch.

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I like the pace bots as a constantly rolling group ride that can be dropped into any time. That was my favourite part of zwift too, keeping up with the group requires just enough concentration to keep me from getting too bored, but still feels loosey-goosey like a free ride.

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I just got a reply from IV on the Strava issue. They said it doesn’t show that I am connected or ever tried to connect. When I tried to connect, I went to Connected Accounts in my Profile, and clicked on Strava. It took me to Strava where I had to log in. Then I got a message from Strava asking to confirm that wanted to allow IV to access Strava, which I did. Then I went back to IV and then there was a green check mark under Strava. I assumed this meant I was connected, and the check mark is still there now. So if that does not mean it is connected, what is the point of the check mark? Do they just have a thing for pretty colors???

Is there some other process you may have done for this process?

I see the same green check mark:

If you click on the Strava icon, do you see the “Upload rides” checked?

@way9e0 thanks, that is exactly as it appears in my profile. It just didn’t?!?!?

Hmmm, all I can suggest is disconnecting and reconnecting to see if that fixes the issue.

@way9e0 tried that. I will be riding IV again tonight and see what happens. Yesterday’s ride seems to be gone however.

So whatever I did, todays ride did upload to Strava. Still no FIT files however???

At least now you can download the file from Strava.

But the FIT files should be appearing in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\indieVelo\<user_id>\FITFiles

Does that directory exist? Is there any reason why indieVelo might not have write permission to that directory?

Can you also try taking a screenshot (F10 key) to see if iV can write to the neighboring Screenshots directory?

Yes the folder exists, it has a FITFiles sub folder in it, but that is empty. They do have write permission to that directory because there are LOGfiles that they write to that folder.

I exchanged several emails with them today but all I got was “we don’t understand why this is happenning (or not happening).”

The last thing I can think of is to uninstall and reinstall the indieVelo application, possibly deleting the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\indieVelo directory prior to reinstalling.

And make sure you’re on the latest version. It should be 0.2.37.

Thanks for the suggestion, but as you pointed out, I can download the FIT file from Strava. So as long as one of the two processes is working, I can live with it.

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