FOMO Plan needed

Now with the added new categories like “ProRides” and “A week with…” I’m in a severe condition of FOMO (fear of missing out). Just the other day I did some planning for the next months. I put alternating and progressing blocks on the menu. Starting with the “Transition Up” I will then do a Base block followed by a MAP block, followed by a Tempo block, followed by MAP block, followed by a FTP block end then a final MAP block again. I really want to give my FTP an upward push.
But with this strictly planned weeks and months I really don’t see where to put in “A week with”. And “ProRides” aren’t on the menu as well with my plans. :man_shrugging:


Hi @Holger1980 ive just finished a MAP 4 Week plan I’m now in the process of doing the 2 A Week With then I’m onto a Threshold 4 Week plan then I might do 2 weeks of Pro and On Location rides then an easy week leading up to another Full Frontal, I don’t think missing a week to do A Week With or some On Location and Pro Rides would lose you anything in fact you might be able to see how the plans are helping you along

Ha. Well if it helps any (so as not to FOMO) Hammer Climb 1 is way way way beyond my capability. It maybe needs a full prep week and a recovery week afterwards, so that gets right in the road of a careful plan I’d suggest.

Of course I’m a use case of one, but this is added to my list that includes Nine Hammers

@Holger1980 I completed them back to back before starting an offseason MTB plan. They are both fairly intense - I think you could work them in between your blocks but be sure to put some rest in there. Both had a lot of climbing and some sprinting mixed in.

I have been trying to add Pro-Ride and On Location videos into my current plan by swapping them for similar videos that are already on my plan. I just look at the length, the focus (eg. Endurance, climbing, speed, racing) and also the 4DP focus. Now that you can delete and replace workouts it makes it easier to do this. They don’t always match up and so I just try to adjust my load the day before or after so that I am not getting too much fatigue.