FTP looks way high

Help required or just your thoughts any way… This dosnt seem right.
Coming from Trainerroad with an FTP of 285w/kg on the shorter ramp tests.
Had about 3 months off and come to this platform for a trial with a full frontal test.

It came back on the 20min ftp at 397w/kg!! 4.05w/kg

I have never been at that so i am qustioning the result.

Weight is correct, sex, height ect
Did it with ERG off and auto pause off and selected the first slope box to tick (is that right)

No way am I at 397watt just dosnt seem right…
Thoughts pls
Other results
AC 506w
NM 829w
MAP 456w

I’ve had reasonably good correspondence between SYSTM and other platforms. First thing that comes to mind is a calibration or other problem with the power measurement. What’s your trainer and PM setup?

Was this on Full Frontal or Half Monty? I’d also check power meter/trainer calibration. If you’re still not sure then email the minions as they can look at your files and see if anything looks off.

@olliewar Guess you were sandbagging those TR tests! Seriously, some people don’t do well on ramp tests so there could be a disconnect there. Otherwise it does seem like you did the test properly and your MAP and FTP numbers seem to correspond as well.

Are you on a plan and if so what is your next workout? You will likely find out via the workout whether the numbers are appropriate and can try dropping the numbers a few percentage points where needed.

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That’s suspiciously massive :wink:


Something isn’t right if you are that far off between platforms. I would try something that is a combination of FTP/MAP, like Nine Hammers. If you can just barely finish, your numbers are good. If you have to stop after Hammer 3 your numbers are high. I suspect the difference is between the way that TrainerRoad uses their Ramp test and the methods used in Full Frontal as well.

I was going to suggest the same thing as @jmckenzieKOS–calibrate your power measurement system and then try a workout. 9 Hammers is a good suggestion but you can also try any FTP workout. An FTP interval really shouldn’t feel that hard at first, more like a 6 or 7 out of ten although rising throughout the workout. Assuming you’re not tired, decently fit rider should be able to do 4x10 or 5x10 at FTP without struggling and only feeling uncomfortable towards the end. But if your FTP is overstated by as much as you think it might be, you will VERY quickly be having a bad time. So, again as long as your power is calibrated, that’s one way to check.

Depending on how you ride and with whom, real world can also be a good sanity check. 4.05 w/kg is very solid, but at close to 400w raw FTP is even more exceptional, such that you should find yourself absolutely dusting folks on flat terrain / be a monster at flattish TTs. If that’s the case, then those numbers may be right!

Finally, you didn’t mention what you’re using to measure power. Are you using a trainer or power meter, and is it the same trainer / power meter as you used for the TR ramp tests?

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Tacx Flow and when I ride on the RGT routes all feels fine and HR ahaonst power looks right. I think its a setting as I am 100% not TDF material lol

First time on the plan and first full measurement full fontal.
Think i need to just check thge settings and sadley do it again ffs lol

One thing I heartily advocate is testing via the 1 week test plan that includes the Half Monty on day 3, which sets suggested levels for the FF on day 7. If believe this gives a more consistent and reliable test result… and it’s a solid week of workouts anyway.


Hey @olliewar ,
Welcome to the forum and SYSTM! Everyone has given some excellent feedback. You can’t go wrong doing what @Saddlesaur suggests with the HM/FF week.


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Just using the Tacx flow trainer.
Have done losts of ramp test 200,230w then up to 250 to 270/ 280… Never cracked a 300w so deffo needs a retest. First time on the platform so will have got a setting wrong or someting
Going to check settings and calibration then joy of joys just do it again…

Will let all know what happens. Easy spin tomorrow recharge and go again…


yep start again full test week is the shout.
Will let you know how it goes.