Confused. What FTP do I have?

I’m a new Sufferfest user and made the Half Monty Test.
In results I find two different values of my FTP!?

My session data in Passport/Activities under “Your updated FDP metrics” show a FTP to be 197 watts.
But under “Work stats” in diagram 20 minutes power (FTP?) is 169 watts.
I consider the 169 watts is more what I expected.
My questions are:

Your FTP is the number shown as your FTP in your profile (197W) in this case.

The 169W is your 20 min power best from this workout. This is not the same as your FTP.

Your next workouts will be using 197W as your FTP.

If this seems too hard after a few sessions, you will probably need to retest (probably with Full Frontal) to get a more accurate number.

Ok, I understand. I’m quite sure 197 watts is much over my current FTP. But I shall try some session first before redo the test.

Welcome to the Sufferfest,

One thing occurs to me looking at your plot is that it appears that you managed to complete the ramp, by which I mean you were not forced to tap out at some point as the ramp kept on increasing - though perhaps I am wrong? However, if you were able to complete the ramp without having to stop, I would expect that would under-estimate your MAP as you never reached your limit.
My crude understanding/ recollection is that the heart rate you reach on the ramp test then informs your HR for the constrained 20 min effort, so that might have also affected the FTP value the test reports.

If my premise is correct, I would recommend you repeat the test before too long. But, as you say, give a few sessions a go, and you might pleasantly surprise yourself.

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The run in to the ramp is also important, there looks to be some dropouts in that area too which may have affected the results, and it looks like part of the warm up was skipped.

I’d agree that it would be worth repeating HM in it’s entirety, but try a few workouts first to see how the numbers feel.

Agree with the others.

It’s taking a bunch of your ramp test and adding that to the FTP section.

Maybe you should take the plunge and just do the 4DP test. Come on in… the waters fine!

Just to point out that the 20 min constrained effort is aimed at being below threshold so your FTP will always be calculated to be higher than what you achieve in that period.

However, if you topped out the ramp test without failing then your threshold HR won’t be correct and the constrained effort will be set at the wrong HR (too low?)

I wonder is it even possible?
I used to think it should ramp me up until I failed…

It’s set as a multiplier of your MAP and over a set number of steps. If your MAP is set far too low going into the test you can complete all the steps without failing.


@alexwtan I’ve done it. Not by any superhuman feat. It was when I switched from a dumb wheel-on trainer to a direct-drive smart one and my settings were way off. I just had to repeat it the following day :nauseated_face: