Full Frontal / 4DP as a training session. Who has done it - feedback?

Has anyone tried the Full Frontal / 4DP as a training session and how did you find it? Do you have feedback?

@Heretic has already posted at length about approaching the Full Frontal test and using the test as a training session at 90/95 % of current figures to get comfortable with pacing/strategy etc.
@JSampson also had a good answer on pacing strategies too.

I was just interested in any feedback from anyone who has done this as a training session. I bailed on my last FF and before I redo the FF, I will certainly try it as a training session.

What would also be the physiological benefit of the training session especially if you did one a week?

Could you do one a week at reduced intensity or rather increasing intensity each week before nailing a FF?

I’m intrigued to know Sufferlandrian’s experiences.

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I regularly do FF as a workout in prep for test week. Weekly seems a bit much, but regularly, to keep in practice yes.

I’ve posted ad nauseam before on this topic, but FF is very much about practice and pacing, as you’ve learned. If I just want raw FTP #'s, I will do HM instead. But for a *FF test prep, I practice it. If as a workout, I’ve run it at 80% or 90% - though even 90% is a hard effort. Usually I do it in (gasp) ERG mode, as that allows me to focus on how each effort feels over the duration of the workout. But I will, occasionally do it in level mode - as I do with most workouts - to practice gears.

(I’ve also advocated in the past for actually testing FF in ERG mode but that’s apparently borderline heresy. I find that in ERG mode I can dial up the efforts by a specified %, which allows me to show improvement w/o “guessing” at how I “feel”).


The way I look at it is a FF is a workout no matter how, why, when or how often I do it. It’s got a reasonably high IF and TSS so that should be fit into my plan appropriately along with how it relates to my overall objective. It rates 5 stars in NM, AC, MAP and FTP…so how could you go wrong?

You can certainly do a FF in ERG mode, but it has been designed, tested and validated in level mode so I stick with that and control the intensity with cadence. I select a level and gear that gives me ~90 rpm at my target and the adjust and hold my cadence a few rpm up/down to control intensity.


If you do it as a normal workout, presumably with a lower outcome won’t that reduce all of your metrics in your profile?


I either cut it off prior to finishing, or I just go in and adjust the numbers back to what they were.


You’re all twisted individuals…


Only if you accept the test results.


Did them monthly for a while - had zero issues doing that as long as I did it after a normal taper week (the taper week that exists/existed as a plan in the app). Worked fine for me. But I got nothing out of it if I hadn’t rested up.

Phys benefits - much the same benefits as if you’ve done a race effort I guess. I don’t see it as a big NM/AC thing but it certainly taxes your VO2 systems for sure. 25 minutes at MAP/FTP is similar to some other workouts … so I guess compared to some of those. Good solid workout.


All true. I guess I wouldn’t ever do FF if it was only for the workout benefits. It’s just that PLUS being able to practice the pacing for the test. Maybe wouldn’t be my LAST choice for a workout, but it’d be @#$% close!