Full Frontal worst ever 1 min result

I just did Full Frontal and my 1 min power has taken a massive hit lately, I’ve been feeling it but this is proof, legs went to jelly on the last bit!

That said I did post my best 5 and 20 min ever on the indoor trainer on FF.
Best in the rubber glove era was 276 for 20 min!

Any advice? Or thoughts

Two points: firstly, given the strong results on MAP and FTP, it’s possible that you’d burned all your matches by the time you got to the one minute test and that you simply ran out of gas. How was your fuelling and your recovery before the test? It might just be a pacing or form issue.

The second point - particularly if you felt this confirmed a view you had before the test - is that it’s very difficult, once you’re past a certain point, to increase every element of your power profile at once. It sounds like you’ve put in the work on your aerobic fitness and are now reaping the gains, but if you haven’t been doing as much AC work lately it may be that the capacity for that has dipped. It’s all a balancing act.


I think this is totally normal. Doesn’t mean your 1 minute power has changed, just means you wrecked yourself in the previous sections and for whatever reason couldn’t get the trainer going again.

Has happened to me recently when I achieved at the 5/20.

I wouldn’t worry one jot. Just manually set 1 min to a roughly right number so workouts are ok, and carry on … it’s just a 1minute number during a 60 minute workout. Doesn’t change what you’re actually capable of !!


What I see in this page is awesome feedback. Perhaps similar to Sorely77, I would’ve been all messed up thinking WTH just happened, and bias to ‘something is wrong’. Thanks for the motivation guys!


Hey, first of all congrats on digging deep and getting FF done ( again)!
All the comments and advice are spot on. So many factors can play a role with one aspect of a test. Already mentioned was -Hydration, both prior to and during FF. How was the environment of your pain cave, was it hot, humid? Did you have adequate ventilation? Another mention was fueling prior to the test. Have you made any recent dietary changes? Don’t beat yourself up about it, it happens to all of us. The good news is your increase in FTP and MAP. Your AC could be an anomaly. Try doing the suggested rides to improve your weakness, like The Omnium, The Shovel, The Downward Spiral, and The Cure (not all in a row😆) If they feel easy(ish), bump your AC up 5%. Hang in there and keep up the good work!


thanks for the supportive words, it’s god to know it doesn’t just happen to me.

Maybe my room was a little humid, I drank almost a litre of fluid during which is a lot so hydration was ok.

Will try some of the weak point vids, I like violator so should go and do that. And yes doing all those vids in a row would be silly, almost Knighthood silly…


Well done on good gains.Could it be that your training has focussed on aerobic energy systems and not anaerobic ? .If you emptied your anaerobic tank before the 1 min, and it was not replenished then you are not going to get good numbers.

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Could also be, I know for me personally, NM and AC are the canary in the coal mine for when i am in need of a rest. It wouldn’t mean you are “overtrained”, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to perform at 5 and 20, just potentially need some time for the body to compensate.

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