Fundraiser as training block?

I am doing a 3 day fundraising ride this weekend and want to use it as a training block. The distances are:

Day 1 70 miles/1800 ft climbing
Day2 100 miles/ 3000 ft
Day 3 50 miles/ 900 ft

I’ve got 3k miles in since Jan 1, and have been racing Criterium (spring) and doing gravel events (summer). VO2 max is 52 and FTP is 230 watts.

My next event is a 70 mile gravel race late August, so i feel like i could get a significant “overload” here, then dial it back for a few weeks to let my body “super-compensate”.

Let me know your thoughts!

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If you haven’t already, it would be worth having a listen to The Knowledge podcast, episode 28, about training overload. That might help in your planning for the week and subsequent recovery. Sounds a great weekend though!


You have a good base but overload on the basics: Hydration and nutrition.