MTB or Gravel Training Plan

I am about 7 days into the 14 day trial and everything looks great.
Will most definitely sign up on New Year’s day!

My one question is about selecting a training plan.
I really do a mix of two disciplines
60-100km gravel rides and
90-120 minute MTB rides.

Do you have a suggestion on which training plan would be best if I would like to excel.
My main sufferlandria goal for the year is to do the BT700km multi day bike packing gravel route in July of 2021.
But a lot of the time I am out hammering the MTB.
It sounds like I want a little best of both worlds and I am wondering if you have a suggestion as to which training plan would help me to excel at both.
Thank you for your time and glad to be a part of The Sufferfest!
Merry Christmas!

I’d work backward from your gravel event in July - the gravel plan ends on event day. Then put in the preseason XC plan to end the day before the gravel plan starts. Unless you want a rest week between the two. Then end the XC plan a week before.

Hi Erick,
Thanks for your response. That seems like a great plan.
I will give it a shot. Just finished the first week of MTB.
Looks great! Happy New Year!!!

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Checking back in - how did it go?

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