Garmin 830 and Wahoo Climb don't play well together

I’m offering this up more by way of a Public Service announcement to users of Garmin head units that use them to record their indoor rides the way I do (it’s a belts and braces sort of thing) and also have a Wahoo Climb

The situation as I find it …

  1. I have an Edge 830 with an Indoor profile
  2. Wahoo Kickr connected to Edge 830 via ANT+
  3. I zero out the incline on my Climb before starting an indoor Erg Mode session (Sufferfest, Zwift … no hating)
  4. The Edge 830 shows a 1% incline and it applies it by Default. I revert it back to 0% and the workout feels ‘better’

So, the lesson here is to check what your Garmin is doing and this may explain on some days your session is harder than you expect