Garmin Watch Solar HR

I have got myself a new garmin watch and i dont know how to add it to my work outs so i can use it for doing my HR during a workout.
I have my Tacx Vortex smart doing the other stuff but want to use my watch for HR and not a strap.

Bluetooth is on the mac book ok but can see the watch.

Any help would be appriciated

I assume it’s a Fēnix 6 or an Instinct? Afaik, you have to start a ‘Virtual Run’ activity on it, then your Mac will find it.

That sounds odd, but it actually works for cycling as well - you’re only interested in the HR anyway.

Hi it is the new solar HR. i started a virtual indoor cycle and got the HR but Sufferfest couldn’t see the watch to give me on screen data.

I don’t want to upload 2 sesions to strava either.

for outdoor it will be easy because i can use the watch properly.

Like I said, this seems to work only with virtual run.

You do not need to record anything on your watch, you just want the HR from it.

Garmin watches have the option to briadcast HR not necessarly on an activity. On my Instinct I simply press option and select the icon of a heart, it start broadcast HR


At any rate, it will not transmit HR to another device without doing something.

I had a Fēnix 5 until about a year ago, but never bothered to figure it out and wore a chest strap or my Tickr Fit.

The new watches have more options though…

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I did the broadcast and it worked and came up on the app

It did however mess up my ride distance data for some reason , doubled the distance completed

For Garmin watches (at least Fenix 6/945 and later not sure about Fenix 5) you can start broadcasting HR, as shown above, or you can set “Broadcast HR during activity” and then the watch will be visible as a HR monitor during recording of any sport activity.

The advantage of this is that if you record your SUF bike session as “Indoor bike” on the watch, then it keeps the Garmin fitness metrics/load and training status up to date.

The disadvantage of this if you publish to Strava from SUF and Garmin is that you end up with a duplicate activity on Strava (that I just delete manually)