Gears Grinding on the Downshift

I recently received delivery of my Kickr. The gears are fine in the middle of the cluster, but grind on both the high and low end. I’ve tried adjusting the deraileure. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

I need to fix it before I can attempt the Full Frontal


Go to the park tool website and follow the directions on there to set your b and limit screws and your cable tension. If you do that and you’re still having issues, look to chain / cassette wear.


As @patchsurfer says - def worth a step by step walkthrough from one of the sites.

And for what it’s worth - sometimes once I’ve messed with Rear or Front Der adjustment and it hasn’t worked I go back and start again, doing the full set up from scratch with the cable loose. And it tends it then work.

Odd though just moving a bike where it all must have been working ok, to a trainer. I’ve seen the tiniest differences myself before but nothing warranting much faffing, across 4 different bikes - sounds like you’ve got unlucky !!

If it’s 10sp … is there a spacer thing going on maybe?

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I am pretty anal about my 11 speed gear indexing and having them buttery smooth so I know what works when setting up from scratch, after all it’s only just loosening one hex and pulling cable tight. I can have it on the stand for ages and go through every single gear till it’s humming but as soon as it goes on trainer (Elite Suito) it’s noisier especially on big cog. I think it’s just a trainer thing!


Have you got the correct spacers in place for the axle?
The Kickr will have come with axle spacers which are reversible on the non-drive side, check that you’ve got that correct, otherwise the frame will be very slightly deformed and the derailleur hanging imperfectly, which will make it hard to index correctly.


Defiantly check this. Mine was really making lots of noise and I put in a spacer on the non drive side end and made sure it was all the way down in the dropouts and not problems. My issue was on a Tacx Flux S.

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